Omni Pre-Release Update - Summer 2019


Welcome to yet another addition of our pre-release update for Omni! Today we’ll be covering just some small progress updates that I’ve made since our last update in May.


Wait People Support Us Now?

Hold the phone, we have how many supporters?


Simply mindblowing that people would support us this early. I can’t thank those people enough to pledge their support to helping Warhead Entertainment continue to create it’s awesome first splash to the gaming marketplace.

I’ll circle back to this at the end of the post, but I do have to make one very important mention!

An extreme personal thank you to EnbyEnigma (who you can find on Twitch and Twitter) for their massive support on the Omega VIP tier on Patreon. I expected literally nobody to jump on that tier until waaaay later and to have that show up was such a great surprise.

Continue being awesome EnbyEnigma, let me know if you need anything.

What’s New?

To truly appreciate it, you must hear it and see it. I have a video for you!

To summarize the new stuff:

  1. Angel now gently gazes into your eyes

  2. Angel is happy when you look at her for a bit

  3. Modified lighting techniques with the ceiling lamps (makes a huge improvement to the quality of the scene)


Where’s The Story?

Ah yes, the story. This is the aspect of the game that has been holding up most of the production.

Well, I’m pleased to say that we’re in the midst of preparing some preliminary content for our amazing voice talent and getting that story business underway.

I’ve said this a million times, but I can’t wait to share with you the results of the next major milestone for the game. It’s going to be literally game-changing how much the story will impact the production and quality of this title.

When’s That Twitch Reveal?

About a month ago we posted a strawpoll to gather some understanding as to when people could take some time out of their day to watch an important gameplay reveal event. Thank you to everyone for participating, it was insightful to learn!

Well, we still don’t have a date. As soon as the preliminary story stuff is implemented and content is built, we’ll know more. It’ll be a real big deal.

Who Else Is Supporting Us?

Truly awesome people!

I’d like to send my special hugs and thanks and Angel cookies to:

  • Maku - ily dude

  • MirrorTree

  • Pastel Princess

  • Battle


Oh and EnbyEnigma again, because I’m still recovering from that earlier.

In Closing

There is still so much to be done for Omni. We’re taking every step imaginable to make sure that this game is an experience. As we approach the next season, there may be an announcement on an adjustment for the rough timeline on the release window for Omni. It may land in Early 2020 instead.

My day job has proven to be mentally draining, and has impacted development. I wrote about it last month.

This game will not be rushed. I’m not in any hurry to get this out the door to make a quick dollar. I want players to buy it day one, and have a complete polished experience and story that wishes to impact you from start to close.

If you wish to support that mission, we have a Patreon.

Otherwise, I highly suggest joining our official Discord server which has a bunch of cool Angel emojis (literally the main reason to join if I’m honest) and gets regular updates from the developer.

Thank you everyone for being so incredibly supportive, we’ll talk again soon ❤

~ Warhead