Omni Pre-Release Update - May 2019


Today, I’m here to provide an update on what’s been going on the last few months and what the future holds for Omni.


There is a lot we’re going to cover in this update. I’ll be sharing news about the current production situation and what the next few months look like, some juicy new details on how Angel is evolving in the game, our Omni Insiders program and a status update on Twitch streams.

I’m also looking for some volunteer collaborators for Omni as well, but we’ll touch on that in a bit.

So, What Has Happened So Far?

I know in the previous Omni update I had committed to one update per month. Clearly that didn’t happen and that was due to some rough issues concerning technical problems outside of my control and lack of tangible progress to write about.

As you may have heard, we put out auditions for our voice cast in March and announced them in April. I’ve expressed this so many times already, but I’m truly excited to start working with them. I’ll talk about our roadmap in a little bit, but they are just as excited. You can read more about that announcement here.

In other news, we have a website, a merch shop on Design By Humans (more to come!), and a Patreon!


I’d also like to officially announce that we will be selling Omni through our Discord store as well!

If you haven’t joined our Discord server, we recommend it! Warhead regularly posts small updates and actively engages with the community about the game.

That’s Cool, What’s Coming Up?


I’m still writing more and more of the story on a regular basis and slowly introducing new concepts into the game. Starting next month in June, I hope to begin sitting down with our voice talent and start recording a solid first pass on the dialogue within the game.

I also hope to continue to refine the Discord, Patreon and keep sharing more and more neat things I do with the game. Production is moving at a more steady rate now, so I hope I’ll continue to have more to share soon. I’ve got some ideas in mind about our next major reveal, but I’ll happily just tease those all over social media.

Tell Us About Angel!


After the issues surround the engine and the game build became more stabilize, I was able to apply some focus and make huge progress on the Angel companion AI.

Angel is expected to act as a friend, a companion, a guide, and a helper for whenever you need it. She is there to assist the player, both when they don’t ask for it, and when they do.

I’ve made the following goals when it comes to Angel’s game AI:

  1. Be available, but not intrusive

  2. Be reactive to the player’s actions

  3. Be dynamic

There is going to be a lot of work and moving parts to Angel AI, but if anyone is familiar with Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth then they should be familiar with the style of design of how the character should feel.

This is taken from Unreal Engine, and represents all of the progress made to Angel so far. While it isn’t exactly much, I expect this graph to grow 4 to 5 times the size before her character is fully complete.

This is taken from Unreal Engine, and represents all of the progress made to Angel so far. While it isn’t exactly much, I expect this graph to grow 4 to 5 times the size before her character is fully complete.

Her movement is already making huge progress. She’ll automatically figure out the best way to follow you around and if for whatever reason she can’t, she’ll determine what is the best method of reaching you again.

Omni Insiders? What Is That!?

A major focus of mine is a stable, smooth sailing launch for Omni. There is nothing worse than dropping dollar on a game and the developer misses something that ruins the gameplay experience.

I believe that on Day One, that the game should be feature and content complete, and free of any showstopping bugs. Though, I’m only one person.

My solution? The Omni Insiders program.

If you are an active, good-standing and awesome participant on our Discord, you may be asked if you wish to participate in some super secretive testing for the game. You’ll be able to play front to back without needing purchase, and all I’ll need to know is if you made it through the game issue free.

It’s like a little committee. I won’t launch the game until everyone in the Omni Insiders program verifies that the game works perfect. All the testing will be done via Discord, as this will make it easier for me to communicate and coordinate with testers. There will no similar programs for Steam.

Interested? Join our Discord and be awesome and present.

Status on Twitch?

Unfortunately, live streaming game development on Twitch appears to be adding a level of stress I hadn’t encountered while making games. Going forward, any game development Twitch streams will be focused on showcase or reveals of the game.

If I do find that I’m working on the game I think would be interesting to stream, then I’ll do it.

Want to Collaborate?

As I approach towards the end of production, I wish to seek individuals who wish to help make a project like this be the best it can very be.

Before we continue, however, these spots are volunteer (unless noted otherwise) and it won’t impact the production of the game either way if these spots couldn’t be filled. I’m just believe that aspects could use more attention, and I’d be really happy if someone could help in this area.

These are the spots that are opening today:

Merch and Brand Artist

EDIT 5/18: This spot has been taken. Thank you!

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

EDIT 5/14: This spot has been taken. Thank you!

Patreon Shoutouts

Before we conclude, I want to shoutout our very first Omni VIP via Patreon! This was such a great thing to wake up to and see. Thank you very much.


In Closing

I’m really excited for the next three months when it comes to Omni. There is so much more in the pipeline that I haven’t shared today that I’m saving for the reveal, and I hope you’ll all be around for when that happens.

If you’re interested in following our social media, all of our links can be found below!

Talk more soon, love you all ❤

~ Warhead